Scale and Simplify Your Content Marketing with Issuu’s Social Posts Feature

By Kendal RodgersOctober 12, 2022Content Marketing, Product Updates, Social Media

Have you ever spent hours creating the perfect piece of content only to realize you still need a solid strategy – and visual assets to go with it – for sharing and promoting your work on social media? It shouldn’t require a graphic design degree to create compelling social posts and stories. It shouldn’t take a ton of time, either. So, in the spirit of “create once, share everywhere” we’ve just launched our latest feature: Social Posts.

By enabling the effortless transformation, digital publishing, and sharing of content across channels in a single workflow, Issuu helps creators and users across industries to scale, simplify, and speed up their entire content marketing process from beginning to end. With Social Posts, you can now create stunning social media assets in minutes – all from scratch, or from your existing publications on Issuu. 

Pre-made templates in Issuu's Social Posts builder
Create Once, Share Everywhere

With great content at the core of brands everywhere, Issuu gives anyone the ability to upload and distribute their content worldwide. Content transformation and digital publishing happen in minutes, converting a single document into a range of dynamic assets – including embeddable flipbooks, mobile-optimized articles, social graphics, and GIFs – that work across all digital distribution channels, making it easier than ever before to scale content promotion and marketing efforts.

The release of our latest feature, Social Posts, unlocks the added ability to efficiently create on-brand social content in an intuitive, drag-and-drop environment. Use elements from existing Issuu publications that have been automatically deconstructed for repurposing, or one-click upload new assets to create something completely new. Generate highly shareable and visually-appealing content for promoting on social media in minutes. Social Posts will set your channels in motion – ultimately driving higher awareness of and engagement with your content to help you reach your goals. Watch the video to learn more:

How to Use Social Posts on Issuu
1. Create something new with a one-click upload.

Anyone can create content directly in the Issuu platform without needing to publish a PDF first. Joining Issuu is free, and our social posts builder makes creating attention-grabbing graphics easier than ever. Drag and drop your way to the perfect image by utilizing a range of pre-generated templates for posts and stories, along with one-click uploading of assets from your computer.

It’s easy to stay on-brand and include added layers of customization. Easily crop and resize images, customize your fonts, upload a logo, change colors, and more, without ever changing platforms. This is what omnichannel marketing made easy looks like. For step-by-step instructions, visit our help article.

Editing Social Posts on Issuu
2. Repurpose elements from your existing publications. 

With every flipbook you publish on Issuu, you can now leverage your digital content to create effective social posts. Incorporate existing elements like text, images, and even entire pages derived from your publications; our Social Posts builder does the work for you, automatically deconstructing your content into a library of reusable bits that you simply drag and drop from. 

Turn your thoughtful content into supporting graphics for your favorite social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Get the tools you need to make your content shine everywhere your audience lives. 

Creating Social Posts from existing Issuu flipbooks
Reach Your Audience Faster with Less Effort

If you publish digital content, then Social Posts are an important part of that strategy. Try creating one on Issuu today, and unlock a whole host of benefits:

  • Enjoy one platform to transform, publish, share, and promote your content across all digital channels to a global audience

  • Turn static content into a dynamic reader experience with supporting assets to reach your audience wherever they live

  • Use a drag-and-drop creative environment to effortlessly design on-brand social posts and stories

  • Utilize a range of free, pre-generated templates to quickly spin up compelling social posts and stories

  • Incorporate existing elements like text, images, and even entire pages that have been automatically deconstructed from existing publications – or start from scratch

  • Add new elements to your designs with one-click upload functionality

  • Crop and resize images, customize your fonts, change colors, and more

  • Speed up, streamline, and simplify your entire content creation and sharing workflow

  • Share compelling posts to eager audiences in minutes

Ready to try it out? Join Issuu today or log in to your account to access Social Posts!