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What is a digital portfolio?

In order to demonstrate your abilities and best work, a portfolio is a must have. Our portfolio maker allows you to create a digital portfolio online. Your portfolio represents you and your work. It will clearly show your training, experience, qualifications, and most importantly examples of your previous work. Use our portfolio maker to create a portfolio that ensures the reader (or viewer) understands who you are, your accolades, and your skillset.

If you are going to create a digital portfolio online our free online portfolio maker has everything you need to get started. Show off your shining examples to potential clients and decision makers that affect your future. The need to create a portfolio is not just limited to showcasing your skills, but demonstrating your abilities in a way that reads as a “pick me!” call to action. Our portfolio maker gets the results you want! 

Whether you are an artist, architect, prospective employee, industry professional, or hopeful student, you need to create a portfolio that captures the very essence of your work and who you are. Our portfolio maker has everything you need to go the extra mile, and “strut your stuff” far better than any resume and cover letter ever could.

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How to make a digital portfolio:

  1. Upload your PDF document (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive). The portfolio maker will turn your PDF into a beautiful and professional-looking portfolio.

  2. Our free online portfolio maker includes tools to add interactive links or videos to bring your portfolio to life and make it more engaging for your audience.

  3. Make the reading of your portfolio an immersive experience with our Fullscreen feature. Create a portfolio to share with your clients or your prospective employers. They will enjoy an uninterrupted reading-experience. But don’t stop there! Make your new beautifully designed portfolio ready for social media.

  4. Create GIFs (for branding) or use our Visual Stories feature to create motion-graphic stories optimized for the Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat story format. Simply select images and text from your portfolio to turn them into social media stories in one click! It can stop feed-scrollers in their tracks and generate a higher click-through rate than simple images and text would.

Fullscreen Sharing

Don’t let them see the work; let them experience it!

Fullscreen sharing gives you the ability to create an engaging and immersive experience from title page to contact page. Enable fullscreen sharing with our free online portfolio maker to bring all of your unique elements and backgrounds to life with stunning detail.

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Nothing says “WOW factor” better than engaging video content.

Our portfolio maker gives you countless dynamic options to create a portfolio that stands out from the crowd. Embed a video of your work or even a video brief about your experience for a more personal touch.

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Your work, connected. 

Links allow you to connect your portfolio to examples of your work around the web or other content and references you want to incorporate. This exciting feature gives your portfolio a digital-native feel.

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Portfolio: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Portfolios are a great way to showcase your best work! In some industries, especially for freelancers, portfolios are more effective than resumes for landing new work. A great portfolio allows you to show your prospective employers or clients who you are and what you are all about. You can list your competencies much like a resume but in a less static and more visually appealing manner. With the Issuu portfolio maker you don’t just tell prospective clients what you can do for them, you show them!

  • With Issuu you can create a mobile-friendly, social media ready portfolio! It's super easy to share your beautifully created portfolio on social media platforms or send it directly to interested parties via email. When you create a digital portfolio online, you can also reach wider audiences by using Issuu’s Visual Stories feature to generate motion-optimized stories you can share on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. And don’t forget to embed your awesome new portfolio in your website!

  • In the world of graphic design, your portfolio is your thumbprint! Make it as accurate and unique as possible, so people know what kind of work you do. Always include a curated, but substantial, selection of your work. Show your best work, and showcase your feedback by adding recommendations, testimonials, and praise. 

    Use your portfolio to showcase your versatility as a designer by including different types of work you’ve done. You should also look for ways to show your personality and unique style through the work you include, and through the format of the portfolio itself. Don’t forget to include a description of your creative process. People want to know how you operate and how you think; a portfolio is a great place to include a behind-the-scenes look at your process. And finally, always include your contact info! When you create a portfolio, give people an easy way to get in touch with you.

  • Keep in mind that what you need to show your potential employers or customers is the best of your work, but also your versatility. So, quality over quantity! You’re better off choosing five or six strong pieces that each showcase different sets of skills than twenty pieces that are all similar. So, curate, curate, curate! On average, fifteen pieces should do the trick.


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