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Showcase your creative work and visually tell your story with a professional-quality, online photo album. A digital photo album keeps your visual assets and photos organized and shareable.

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What is a digital photo book?

A digital photo album lets you showcase your best memories and arrange your photos with ease. The online photo album maker allows you to display your visuals dynamically, and leaves plenty of room for creativity! Depending on your needs, you can separate your work based on themes or topics, and include captions. Anything you want to include is at your fingertips. 

When you use our free online photo album you aren't simply storing pictures in a soon-to-be-forgotten file on your desktop, you are telling your story! Instantly share life’s most important moments with friends, colleagues, and loved ones with just a click. 

Create a photo book online and relive the highlights of a special day. Savor the memories from a birthday, wedding, engagement party, or family trip in a digital photo book with a design to match the theme of the occasion. 

A digital photo album is a must-have for work and play. Easily incorporate your photos onto a website in a format that is far more engaging than static images, or simply share your vacation memories with family and friends and make them feel like they are part of the experience.

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How to make a digital photo album:

  1. Upload your free online photo album as a PDF (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive). Now, you can flip through the pages (flipbook feel).

  2. Bring your digital photo album to life! Add links and embed videos so your album becomes interactive. 

  3. Share! With the Fullscreen Feature, your friends and family will have a uniquely immersive experience flipping through the album. You can also add personalized and unlisted links to make their experience one of a kind. Rediscover memories together!

  4. Get creative and share your album with more people by creating GIFs or Visual Stories to make your online photo album Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter ready! The Visual Stories Feature will help you produce social media optimized motion-graphic stories to generate more likes and shares than with image and text only!


Make your album true to life with sight and sound!

When you can easily embed video, you create a photo book online that tells the whole story. Some moments just have to be seen in motion. Video brings your friends and family one step closer to being there!

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Fullscreen Sharing

Highlight what's most important and create an immersive experience.

Fullscreen sharing instantly turns your content into its own flippable web page with one click. Link to content from social media or your blog. It is a highly effective way to engage readers, and track views and clicks.

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Cloud Storage Ready

Cloud storage is like hard drive Feng Shui!

Source images for your digital photo albums from the cloud by uploading all of your images directly from Dropbox or Google Drive to Issuu. Our cloud integration makes it easy to collaborate on making an album. Anyone you invite to your shared folder in the cloud can contribute photos which you can then easily upload to Issuu.

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Photo Album: Frequently Asked Questions

  • That’s entirely up to you! By arranging and organizing your pictures with our online photo album maker you can organize your images in any order you want, to tell a story. But that’s not all, you can add text, and video in your album to create an immersive experience to enhance your pictures.

  • Our free online photo album works just like a hard copy photo book. Viewers “flip” through the pages of the album with each page displaying your images in stunning detail. The digital format lets you share your album easily with friends and family. And you can also continuously update your album, perfect for adding updates as your family grows!

  • Weddings are one of the marquee events in our lives. Create a photo book online to capture every moment from the engagement to the honeymoon. With our online photo album maker you can create one book that incorporates everything, or create smaller albums that showcase specific events throughout the nuptials. You can then quickly share it privately with family and friends or publicly on social media.

  • Our online photo album maker is designed with versatility and ease of use. Embed a digital photo album on your business’ website to showcase your products complete with descriptions or make an album commemorating events like school plays and graduations that can be shared across all of your digital channels with the click of a button.

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