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By IssuuNovember 25, 2019Last updated on July 24, 2020Business, Content Marketing

Stand out with the Issuu Fullscreen Sharing Experience

Customize your content on the Issuu Story Cloud with tools like the Online PDF Reader. The Issuu Story Cloud’s suite of digital publishing products makes it simple to create once, and share your content everywhere. Publish your content to Issuu, then link and share your fullscreen publication anywhere.

A PDF Reader That Engages Audiences

Issuu’s PDF Reader proves to be powerful due to its immersive design. With interactivity and multimedia at the heart of the technology, readers can fully engage with the content. Optimized for all screens, the PDF Reader displays content beautifully on any website, social channel, or mobile device. Your content can also be discovered on and the Issuu App by millions of monthly readers and major digital media sites. Get started in minutes, simply upload, customized and you’re ready to share with the world.

Benefits and Features of the Issuu Embed PDF Reader

Zero Distractions: With a smooth interactive reading experience, your audience will enjoy your content distraction-free on their computer, phone or tablet.

Customize Your Reader: Customize the background of the reader so the visual experience truly stands out and is on-brand.

a laptop and a desktop computer

Add Your Logo: Make the content and PDF reading experience all yours with the ability to add your brand’s logo.

Share to Social: With Link Sharing capabilities, now your readers can get straight to the content with ease.

Read Between Devices: Whatever device your audience pleases, your content will remain smooth and interactive on all.

Embed Anywhere: Expand your reach and total view with the ability to embed your PDF Reader on sites & blogs to elevate your web experience with digital publishing.

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