How to Use Issuu Stories for Your Nonprofit Marketing

By IssuuJuly 8, 2022Content Marketing, Social Media, Tips

A highlight of Issuu's Visual Stories feature
How to Use Issuu Stories for Your Nonprofit Marketing

Social media is an affordable and effective tool that nonprofits can use to draw attention to their work. However, social media is also a crowded field, with millions of groups clamoring for clicks and views. Breaking through on social platforms to reach potential supporters is an ongoing challenge.

Issuu is a powerful publishing platform that helps nonprofits create and adapt collaterals for use online. Our Visual Stories feature allows you to create appealing images and videos that integrate seamlessly with popular social media apps. Our tools help nonprofit leaders scale materials for optimal viewing on mobile devices so that donors, supporters, and patrons will never miss important messaging.

What is Issuu’s Visual Stories Feature?

Many people are familiar with the stories features on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. These apps offer an opportunity to share a deck of images or videos that relates a narrative to the viewer. Issuu created Visual Stories with social stories in mind. This feature allows users to convert their digital materials into social media assets. 

You put a lot of work into your program materials and quarterly or annual report. We wanted to make it easy to prioritize that key piece of content and then be able to share it with your audiences everywhere in the most attractive format. Once you’ve published a PDF on Issuu, our Visual Stories tool turns your beautiful designs and customizations into social media-ready content. Now you can keep your messaging and style consistent across every platform without needing to recreate new content each time.

Why Are Visual Stories Important for Nonprofits?

The story format has become central to social media messaging for influencers, businesses, and media organizations. Organizations and individuals use stories to attract new supporters and engage their existing audience. Nonprofit organizations can use Visual Stories to share program information, publish fundraising appeals, drive interest in special events, and share their successes.

Visual Stories let nonprofits leverage the attention-grabbing element of a well-conceived social media strategy by adapting their existing materials into eye-catching dynamic content. Your followers can interact with the Visual Stories with likes and clicks, adding buzz to your posts. You can encourage followers to share your stories and broaden your reach. Visual Stories can act as teasers, drawing followers to your website to learn more about your programs and take action.

How to Use Issuu Visual Stories

All Visual Stories start with a flipbook created using Issuu tools. Simply upload a PDF and use our tool kit to convert it into a versatile digital publication. Once your Issuu flipbook has been created with our online tools, click the Visual Story icon and start customizing your content. You can add materials, change styles, add descriptions, and preview the results. The editing tool helps you easily create shareable articles, GIFs, and motion graphics.

Now that you know about Visual Stories and how you can easily create them from your Issuu publications, we invite you to see what Issuu can do for your organization.

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