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What is a Digital Magazine?

It might sound obvious; a digital magazine is a magazine that is published digitally. But that’s just the beginning of the story. 

What’s really exciting about digital magazines is that they can include links, embedded videos, and other engaging digital content for a truly immersive and connected reading experience. It’s a platform that combines the best of digital and print media in one user-friendly package. 

You might choose to publish your digital magazine as an alternative to your print magazine or you can create an online magazine that's digital native.

Possibly the biggest advantage of digital magazines is that you can distribute your online magazine through digital channels, giving you a much wider distribution and the opportunity to sell your publications to a wider audience. They’re also much more affordable to produce and can deliver a higher ROI than print magazines. 

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How to Create an Online Magazine:

  1. Create the document you want to convert into a digital magazine. We have free templates you can use, simply set up a free account with us and download your preferred template. Edit as desired. You can also import from InDesign or other design tools like Canva.

  2. Upload your file into our digital magazine creator. No matter how you created the file, you can convert a wide range of file types into online magazines, including PDF, .doc, .docx, .ppt, as well as files from Dropbox and Google Drive.  

  3. Your digital magazine is only as good as its content. Kicking your magazine up a notch with Issuu's eMagazine maker is just part of the equation. Be sure to curate and create content that will stand out and make people want to read the whole magazine. 

  4. Consider the whole reading experience from cover to cover. Edit your magazine and optimize the content for browsing, paying attention to the order in which everything appears. Then take it to the next level with embedded video and other special features.

  5. Publish and distribute your magazine on Issuu and then generate revenue by selling your magazine using our premium Digital Sales feature with zero commission fees. You can also monetize your eMagazine with paid ad space, affiliate links, and shoppable pages.

  6. Share your magazine with your network and beyond! You’re now ready to share your eMagazine on your website, through your newsletter, and across all your social channels. You can share your magazine with your network using Issuu’s fullscreen reader or embed it directly on your website.


A multimedia reading and viewing experience

With video features, our eMagazine maker lets you enhance your text with video content to turn a digital magazine into an immersive multimedia experience. Embed the videos directly onto your magazine pages for your readers to watch with a press of the play button. 

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Digital Sales

Revenue jumps right off the page

The digital sales feature gives you the power to sell your digital magazine just like you would a print issue. The important difference being that digital publications are much easier to scale and bring to a wider audience than print ones.

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Your digital magazine, front and center on your site

Want the same flipbook magazine experience on your site? Issuu’s embed feature makes it easy to embed your magazine on your website. With this feature, tapping into leads and revenue is as easy as copy/pasting some code.

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Magazines published on Issuu:

Digital Magazine: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Digital magazines work like a traditional magazine with flippable pages, but on a computer, phone, or tablet instead of on paper. The digital format comes with some exciting advantages over print. You can embed content, link directly to advertisers’ pages, and share your content anywhere with the click of a button.

    You can also take your digital magazine and embed it directly onto your website - perfect for those who already have a traditional magazine or those who want their digital magazines to live on their properties.

  • With Issuu, selling digital magazines is easy! Use our premium Digital Sales feature to sell single issues or subscriptions to your magazine. You decide how much content you want to display for free (if any).

  • Experts strongly recommend the “freemium” model for those who are new to digital publishing. This means starting off free, and when a fanbase is established, setting up previews that entice a purchase. With Issuu you can choose how much of each magazine you want to display for free or which issues you'd rather be paid vs free. The customization options are endless with our Digital Sales feature.

  • To design your digital magazine, you can download one of our free templates or use your favorite creation tools like InDesign and take advantage of our InDesign extension. 

    When designing a digital magazine, you want the right balance of written content and visual content; with Issuu’s magazine creator, you can also add video content and embedded links.

  • Like a traditional magazine, digital magazines make money by selling ad space within the pages and by selling issues and subscriptions. With Issuu, you're able to make money online with your digital magazine.

    But subscriptions and ads are just the beginning. You can also drive revenue with affiliate links and shoppable links within your magazine. Issuu’s eMagazine maker does more than digitize your magazine; we digitalize the entire publishing business model!


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